Higher Net Operating Income

Our landlords get to win on both ends by trusting FA. We accelerate your lease up, reduce the rent and vacancies offers and at the same time drive your Net Operating Income (NOI) up. By pushing your NOI up, your real estate becomes a great asset for both buyers and lenders. Also, a raised NOI equals an increase in the valuation of your properties, enabling you to sell at a higher price and also get more refinancing out of your properties. Both you and any lenders you might have, benefit from a more significant refinancing. So, banking on FA is a win-win situation for our landlords.

Choosing the Right Applicants

We ensure that our landlords have a complete picture of all the applicants for their rentals. With our partnership with TransUnion Smartmove technology, you can compare the essential info of applicants credit and rental history. You can decide if an applicant is the best suit for your rental after deliberating on information such as employment and income info, and rental histories which we can provide.

Zero Worries

You can be a better landlord through our resources. With FA, you can stop worrying about being on top of everything regarding security deposits. With FA, you never have to worry about collecting or managing security deposits. We’ve got it all under control.


What will my lenders or buyers think about FA?

The primary concern of multi-family lenders and buyers is your asset’s health. Using FA accelerates your lease up, drives vacancies and rent offers down while driving the NOI up. This makes your asset which is great for your lenders and buyers.

Driving your properties NOI up increases your property’s valuation, enabling you to sell at a higher price or get more refinancing out of it. A larger refinancing deal is better for both you and your lenders.

Primarily, security deposit accounts provide banks with visibility into your assets health, and FA can provide the equivalent visibility if required.

FA is created to make your life easier.