An Easy Alternative For Security Deposits
— Harry B. Joseph, Founder & CEO

We believe that everyone at our company has a responsibility to promote the highest ethical standards and comply with the law. Our commitment is geared towards creating and fostering an environment that encourages fairness, integrity, customer service, and ensures compliance with federal, state and local laws and regulations in our interactions with our customers and all other business relationships.

We are not an insurance company but a product that provides credit to tenants for low monthly installments. If a landlord makes a claim, the landlord gets paid first while the tenant repays in installments. FA makes money by charging a monthly fee for each active billing agreement. The monthly payment depends on the size of the billing agreement as well as on the risk profiles of both the landlord and the tenant. We charge this cost from the landlord and the tenant or a combination of both, depending on how the landlord wishes to set up the service.

Our staff includes individuals with years of experience, dedicated to transforming the tenant-landlord relationship. Our team enjoys working in a culture where all team players work hard, have fun and can truly impact the rental real estate market.