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Unleash Your Security-Deposit With F.a.Billing Agreement

Federal Alliance takes the stress away from locking away your security deposit and replacing it with our billing agreement.

What We Do

Federal Alliance is a Financial Real Estate Service Company dedicated in reforming the present rental security-deposit process. At F.A., renters pay a low monthly fee or a one time annual payment with our billing agreement. After the first year of membership with F.A. and no claims have been made your monthly fee is reduced. If your landlord makes a claim, we cover the owed amount and manage it into an affordable repayment plan for the renter.


Having Federal Alliance increases your NOI (Net Operating Income)



Use your Security Deposit to pay off student loans, debt, or take that vacation



Landlords no longer need to manage Security Deposits 


We’ve Got You Covered

Get started today and improve your moving experience with hassle-free payments.